A loving home for every child!

Support the SOS children with the 1% of your tax!

A loving home for every child!

Support the SOS children with the 1% of your tax!

SOS Tax Number:


Make a declaration of your 1%!

Do not let the 1% of your income tax get lost when you can designate it to help children separated from their families!

Our tax number is 18258772-1-43


How can you designate your 1 percent?


If NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) prepares your tax return, you should fill out „18EGYSZA” declaration with your own personal data and the tax identification number of SOS Children’s Villages.

TAX 1% declaration form


  • If you have Ügyfélkapu profile you can submit your 1% designation electronically on the “18EGYSZA” sheet created for this purpose,
  • You can submit your 1% designation in writing by filling out the „18EGYSZA” form with your own details and the tax number of the SOS Children’s Villages and send it by post to the local NAV office. Before sending it, you need to sign the envelope at the sealing. local NAV office.

If you or your accountant prepare your tax return, you can submit the 1% designation as part of it.

What happens with the help of your 1% offer at SOS?

In Hungary, there have been more than 23,000 children with severe trauma who had to be lifted out from their families.
From an average tax offer (appr. 13 EUR), we can provide an hour’s work of a psychologist who could help to deal with the severe traumas these children experienced.

How can SOS Children’s Villages help together with you?
For several years, Rita and Robi have been living in the SOS Children’s Village. They arrived together with their protective older sibling. Their parents had severely neglected them, they often had nothing to eat, their physical and mental development level was beyond their peers. They didn’t attend kindergarten or school. Despite all, they wanted to grow up in a family where they are being loved.

Our foundation, the SOS Children’s Villages, was created to provide home and a loving environment for children who have lost parental care..We believe it’s important for them to grow up under similar conditions as their peers who can live a life with a stable family background. . SOS children live in family homes in love and security, taken care by their foster parents. There is room for up to 6–8 children in a house, so siblings — like Rita and Robi — can stay together.

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