Recode your life by SOS

SOS Children’s Villages provides 300 children with a family in foster care, who cannot be taken care of by their biological parents. They all come to SOS severely traumatized. Due to their previous living conditions, the effects of poverty, and neglect, these children suffer from physical and learning disabilities. SOS experts, foster parents, together with us try to change these disadvantages.

SOS Children’s Villages is launching a new program for underprivileged children to increase their motivation to learn and to help them entering the job market by providing them with the right skills.

We have partnered with an organization that provides a unique opportunity for disadvantaged children, including children in SOS. The program is implemented by the Global Human Dignity Foundation (GHDF), which was chosen through a call for proposals.

GHDF provides 100 disadvantaged children (SOS and non-SOS) a 1-year-long personal development and confidence-building training together with English learning and programming opportunities. The program may involve children with reading and learning difficulties. 

GHDF would be especially interested in working with children obliged to participate in education based on the Hungarian legal regulations. The targeted children attend at least second grade in school however are not older than 17 years of age.

GHDF commits itself to prepare the targeted children to enter the job market through collaboration with their family, specific motivational tools, individualized methods, exclusive individual attention and a comprehensive program of integration. 

No IT skills are required for the training, and the tools are provided if needed. Young people participating in the program will also receive a scholarship, which, in addition to being a motivational tool, will also help them acquire financial skills. The knowledge they gain throughout the program will not only help them in their personal lives but also in their future careers.

We believe that the program will help children to recode their abilities and discover new potentials even if we had a hard time to find any pertaining commands before.