What you can do

Imagine a child that goes to bed hungry. A child that cannot go to school because they do not have anything to wear. A child that winces at their parents’ touch. A child that will one day be put in a car to be taken from their parents. There are 400 children living in SOS, many of whom have had these kinds of experiences before.

We are here 24 hours per day 365 days per year for the children!
What we need is a group of well-trained foster parents and professionals a stable livelihood emotional security RECURRING DONATION.

Raising a child means fixed expenses for a family. The children living in our programmes require even more attention owing to the traumatic experiences they’ve had. We would like to provide them with everything they need to regain their childhood and become healthy adults.

This is how you can help us the most by giving us monthly donations, you give the SOS families a chance for a simple, peaceful lifegs.


Landline: +36 1 301 3170
Mobile phone: +36 20 375 9796
E-mail: adomanyinfo@sos.hu
SOS Children’s Villages Hungary
VAT Registration No.: 18258772-1-43
Registration No.: 9984
Organisation type: public benefit organisation

HUF 2000 = a one-time development session for a child who has fallen behind

HUF 3000 = the cost of the psychological treatment of a severely traumatised child

HUF 4000 = 20 days’ worth of diapers for an infant without parents

Help us achieve all this with your recurring donations!